Community support

A solidarity run to support the "Splash!" Project

At the Milano Marathon, five Mitsubishi Electric relay teams ran in support of the Renato Piatti Foundation initiative

Sport brings people together and contributes to the growth of welcoming and sustainable communities. We at Mitsubishi Electric strongly believe in this purpose and have been supporting various charity sport initiatives for years, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility program. 

On the occasion of the Milan Marathon 2024, five teams formed by colleagues and friends ran in support of the "Splash!" project of the Renato Piatti Foundation, a reality that has been active since 2020 in the Varese and Milan districts, where it provides social, health and socio-medical assistance to 700 people with disabilities and autism, more than half of whom are children with autism spectrum disorder and neurodevelopmental disabilities.

The "Splash!" project will guarantee 27 children with disabilities one year of therapy in water, an element with unique physical properties that can make therapeutic interventions particularly effective.

For children with neuromotor disabilities, water therapy is an important element in the rehabilitation journey as it helps to improve muscle strength, flexibility, and coordination; it reduces the load on the joints and spine and improves mobility. This type of therapy also helps develop balance and stability, as water offers greater resistance than air. This element provides important sensory stimulation, bringing an even pressure on the body, which can also help reduce anxious conditions.

We are very pleased to support the Foundation once again, in a journey side by side that has been going on for several years and that has seen us involved over time in numerous projects targeting children and young people, consolidating our commitment in supporting the Foundation.