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An aid for Turkey and Syria

In the earthquake that struck these countries, the intervention of CESVI, which can also count on the help of our company, has been immediate

Mitsubishi Electric's Italian subsidiary donated 50,000 euros to address the many health and humanitarian emergencies of these two populations

An aid for Turkey and Syria

In response to the earthquake that violently struck Turkey and Syria on Feb. 6, 2023 CESVI, a Foundation that works in the world's most serious humanitarian emergencies, promptly intervened to bring aid to people in tragic conditions as, especially in Syria, the earthquake resulted in the collapse of infrastructure already strained by years of war. CESVI was, in fact, among the first to arrive in Adyiaman, Turkey, one of the areas hardest hit and destroyed by the earthquake, where, according to government estimates, there have been more than 4,000 victims, 10,000 injured and 2,000 buildings completely destroyed (see video report). 

Thanks in part to the help of Mitsubishi Electric, which donated 50,000 euros, the CESVI team is bringing relief to the community shelters provided by Turkey where displaced people and those most in need have found refuge. The Foundation is committed to distributing winter kits, blankets, mattresses, clothes, water and personal hygiene products.

In Syria, with a team that left from Lebanon because of closed borders with Turkey, CESVI is distributing aid in the northeast, in a particularly vulnerable context due to the outcomes of the long war. In addition to the large number of wounded, the health situation and shortages in everything are a cause for serious concern today.

Unfortunately, it will be a long and difficult humanitarian emergency, which will last for quite some time and for which CESVI needs a lot of help to purchase the useful goods to meet the needs of this population. However, it also needs to give psycho-social support to the survivors, with special attention to the most fragile people such as children, the elderly, and the disabled.

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