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Camardella: the first campsite above 3,000 m

The project will be carried out at high altitude in La Thuile and involves the use of cutting-edge materials and construction solutions, to guarantee maximum comfort, safety, and environmental sustainability

Mitsubishi Electric supports the realization of the Camardella Campsite on the Ruitor glacier

Camardella: the first campsite above 3,000 m

In this period of profound climate changes that are transforming our mountains, new technologies can offer concrete help to all alpinists who explore the mountain. This is why Mitsubishi Electric has decided to support, through a donation, the construction and transport of the Camardella campsite, the first high-altitude camp at La Thuile above 3,000 m, in honor of Edoardo Camardella, a lover of ski mountaineering, who was involved in an avalanche on Monte Bianco in November 2019.

The structure has a large glass wall that will look in the Monte Bianco direction, and you will be able to admire it through a 360-degree webcam mounted on the weather station, also built ex novo; the highest of the Alpi Graie and one of the highest in Europe.

The Camardella campsite represents a project that combines technology and innovation, being produced in the factory with light and resistant materials and subsequently coupled and installed at high altitude, as well as energetically autonomous, thanks to the presence of solar panels