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Keep on supporting Insuperabili Onlus

We are continuing our collaboration with the non-profit organization that is focused on helping children with various disabilities and finds in soccer a tool for strong inclusion, socialization and integration

Alongside Insuperabili Onlus to contribute to the well-being and growth of our society

Keep on supporting Insuperabili Onlus

Seventeen locations in Italy, more than 650 registered athletes, 250 coaches and more are the result of the activities developed by Insuperabili Onlus, the association that promotes cultural and social change through physical activity and in particular soccer, helping children with cognitive, relational, affective-emotional, behavioral, physical, motor and sensory disabilities to increase their level of integration and improve their health.

The Foundation's goal is to promote change for the development of an increasingly inclusive society, recognizing the well-being of the individual as central to sustainable growth. A goal that fits perfectly with Mitsubishi Electric's ongoing commitment to Social Responsibility, embodied in the claim Changes for the Better.

That is why once again this year Mitsubishi Electric continues the journey already undertaken in 2022, confirming and renewing its support for Insuperabili Onlus, with the goal of continuous expansion and new paths development.

These include training projects, dedicated to individuals with physical and mental disabilities and young people in economically disadvantaged situations. Within the Foundation so far, job opportunities have been created for 12 athletes with disabilities in various areas such as communication, online shop, warehouse (management of sports equipment), and environmental care (some of the Insuperabili athletes in Turin office are in charge of cleaning and recycling).

Training and inclusion through sports are two pillars of our Social Responsibility program, which is why we are proud to be able to renew our partnership with the organization by contributing to the growth paths of these young athletes.