Community support

Mitsubishi Electric alongside LILT

In celebration of Easter, Mitsubishi Electric employees become LILT volunteers by giving support in the Easter corner set up at the Building to benefit the " Suspended Visits" project

Mitsubishi Electric on the occasion of Easter has decided to participate in a major charity initiative to benefit the Italian League Against Cancer and the " Suspended Visits" project

In celebration of Easter, this year our company decided to participate in an important charity initiative in cooperation with some companies on the Vimercate campus where we are based, such as DNV, NOKIA and BRIDGESTONE.

On Wednesday, March 20 and Thursday, March 21, some of our colleagues volunteered to give support at an Easter Corner set up at our building spaces to benefit the Italian League Against Cancer (LILT), Monza and Brianza and Milan section.

 At the corner, it was possible to purchase solidarity gifts, such as "colombe" (classic italian easter cake), chocolate eggs and sweets, in favor of the "Suspended Visits" project, which enables thousands of people in proven poverty and hardship to benefit from regular preventive checkups every year, which are essential for the early detection of the most common forms of cancer.

As Mitsubishi Electric, we are delighted at how enthusiastically our employees took part in the initiative, donating part of their time through volunteering, or making donations through purchasing goods at the corner.

Many thanks to all colleagues, LILT volunteers and all other companies involved in the charity project.