Community support

Mitsubishi Electric supports women’s health

The Susan G. Komen Italia association for the prevention of breast cancer


Prevention is key in fighting breast cancer, one of the world’s most common diseases, and early diagnosis can make a difference not just in curing but also in aiding the best possible well-being recovery process.

Never lowering attention in fighting breast cancer and preserving women’s health in general is the mission of Susan G. Komen Italia –a non-profit organization

committed to fighting this disease – which Mitsubishi Electric is supporting.

Promoting prevention in all its forms, improving care opportunities for women experiencing breast cancer - also in cases of social and economic disadvantage – and boosting research are some of the goals that Komen Italia has been pursuing since 2000 in Italy through a number of projects dedicated to women in the whole country.

Mitsubishi Electric has chosen to contribute to this effort to highlight women’s exceptional and unique capabilities.

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