Community support

Mitsubishi Electric together with Ai.Bi in the event called “Night of Lights”

An initiative dedicated to raising funds for the children cared for in Ai.Bi.'s educational communities in Italy

On December 13, during the twenty-second Charity Dinner “Il Bello che fa Bene”, we will celebrate together with Ai.Bi. the fortieth anniversary of the first adoption

Project: AI.BI

December 13 is Santa Lucia Day, a tradition and a time of celebration in some parts of northern Italy when children receive gifts and presents. Unfortunately, there are still many little ones who cannot share these moments of joy because they don't have a family.

Since 1983, Ai.Bi. has been working every day alongside children in institutions around the world to fight the abandonment emergency. The association's work has already enabled 4.000 abandoned boys and girls to grow up in the arms of a family that loves them. 

"The Night of Lights" event, which will take place in Milan at the Blue Note location, will also be supported by Mitsubishi Electric, which proudly takes part in this new initiative dedicated to raising funds for teenagers hosted in Ai.Bi's educational communities in Italy (Casa Pinocchio, Casa Francesco, Casa Giuseppe e Casa Padre Pio), to be able to grant them 5 scholarships, 5 internships and training courses, as well as 300 hours of work and study counseling as part of the "Il Bello che fa Bene" project.

This evening will be a perfect opportunity to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the first international adoption and also in support of another special project: "Your Other Child”.

More info on Ai.Bi Foundation here.