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Music that heals the soul

Thinking of prison as a place where you throw away the key is useless. Because working on the rehabilitation and reintegration of people is the only real way to lower the level of violence in society. (Lucia Castellano, Director II Casa di Reclusione di Bollate from 2011 to 2022)

A series of initiatives, supported by Mitsubishi Electric, help the inmates of several Milan and provincial prisons on their path to rehabilitation and social inclusion

Music that heals the soul

Prison is the place that in the collective imagination represents the deprivation of freedom, an environment that evokes loneliness and feelings that are not always positive. But sometimes prison can be the place where one can start building his future again and look to it with confidence, redeeming his destiny.

Inclusion, sustainability, education represent concrete values for our company, through which we try to contribute towards the creation of a fairer and more welcoming society. 

It is because of the shared goals aimed at social inclusion that we have decided to support Milano Musica and the Antonio Carlo Monzino Foundation with the 'Musica in Carcere' project; an initiative that aims to trace functional paths for the rehabilitation of adult prisoners and offer support to young people in a situation of serious fragility (minors in detention).

Musica in Carcere focuses on the realisation of music courses and differentiated programmes according to the needs expressed by the prison institutions involved: Bollate Prison, San Vittore Prison and Beccaria Juvenile Penal Institute in Milan. 

This year, the project is expanding its activities thanks to the intervention and collaboration of Mitsubishi Electric, with several initiatives:

  • group lessons on instruments at Bollate Prison and San Vittore Prison
  • organisation of Music Week, a workshop dedicated to percussion instruments, at the Beccaria juvenile penal institute (10-12 July 2023)
  • organisation of concerts in prison with the active participation of prisoner-musicians, in San Vittore and Bollate concerts by the band Freedom Sounds
  • redevelopment, introduction of new musical instruments and enhancement of the activities in the Music Room at Bollate Prison 

In this regard, a concert by Freedom Sounds, a cover band born in prison in 2008 and formed by detainee musicians from the 4th ward of Bollate Prison, took place on 7 June. The event held during the inauguration of the renovated Music Room of the Bollate Prison, whose adaptation and improvement works were carried out by the inmates themselves over the past year, had a great emotional impact.
On June 21st, on the occasion of the Festa della Musica 2023, a new concert involves Freedom Sounds at the Bollate Prison, while at the San Vittore Prison, the essays of the percussion workshops are on the agenda. 

Through music and other forms of creativity, we believe it is possible to help one another, build bridges between people by drawing comfort and inspiration. These values are essential to promote diversity, understanding and collaboration in our society.