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Solidarity races in Milan

On Sunday, April 2, Mitsubishi Electric raced alongside Dianova at the Milano Marathon Charity Relay in support of the new project ‘Centro Diametro’

Four groups of runners, 16 among our company's employees and friends, ran with the only goal of supporting the realization of a project that can create a more inclusive, fair and sustainable society, without leaving anyone behind

Solidarity races in Milan

You snooze, you loose, but those who run can give real support to achieving a more inclusive and welcoming society! 

This is what Mitsubishi Electric has been doing for many years with Dianova - an association that has been dealing with the problem of substance, drug and alcohol addiction in Italy for more than three decades.
By participating in the 2023 edition of Milano Marathon Charity Program, the fundraising project that allows anyone to run for a nonprofit organization, Mitsubishi Electric has decided to support 'Centro Diametro', an outpatient and free service in the heart of Milan that offers concrete answers to young people, adults and families experiencing substance or behavioral addiction problems as well as psychological distress.
Four groups of runners, with a total of 16 people from Mitsubishi Electric, took turns in the charity relay race, where once again sport served as a tool for solidarity and integration of the disadvantaged and people with personal difficulties.

In recent years, Dianova has witnessed a great change in the phenomenon of addiction: new forms of behavioral addiction such as Internet use, gambling, video games, social networks, compulsive shopping, emotional addictions, and even sex-addiction, work and psychological distress have been added to those of alcohol and drugs. Added to these are the issues caused by the pandemic, especially on young people, which can manifest in different ways.
To provide real help and answers to these forms of addiction, Dianova recently opened Centro Diametro, an outpatient clinic in the heart of Milan-at 29 Pietro Calvi Street-with a service run by specialized professionals that offers counseling, guidance, listening and support to adults, young people and their families.

To learn more and support 'Diameter Center' visit this link.