Community support

Together with Albero della Vita for the well-being of women and children

By supporting the "La Rondine" program, Mitsubishi Electric is making a choice that goes beyond mere economic support. It means investing in the future of single mothers and their children, offering them the chance to obtain work and permanent housing, toward a meaningful life full of hope.

Protecting children and young girls, fostering their well-being and development along with those of their families as well as promoting their rights: this is the goal that is close to our hearts and one that we share with Fondazione L'Albero della Vita ETS. 

In our country, many mothers live alone with their children and experience tangible difficulties in obtaining a job and a home, often failing to ensure a dignified existence for themselves and their babies. This is why we have decided to renew our support for the organization by supporting the "La Rondine" program.

The program aims to welcome single mothers in difficulty with their children, helping them in order to regain serenity and autonomy. In fact, the "La Rondine" facility provides assistance to mother-child households with economic difficulties and housing problems, as well as all-round educational support.

Guests can then enjoy stable housing at the Milan community, which consists of individual apartments that can accommodate one or two households depending on size, as well as large common areas. The program, which has been active since 2006, hosted 33 households in 2023, with a total of 57 boys and girls.

The purpose of the program is to accommodate mothers and their children by supporting them at all levels, to achieve a psycho-social condition of balance and autonomy. The main goal is to increase quality of life and improve daily life management.