Community support

With Piatti Foundation to support the “Solidarity Fund”

A new initiative for Mitsubishi Electric to increase care opportunities for vulnerable patients

The Renato Piatti Foundation Solidarity Fund: a journey close to children, alongside families

For quite some time, Mitsubishi Electric has been working with the Renato Piatti Foundation on a partnership based on sharing common values, such as respect and dignity of individuals, responsibility of its people in supporting those in vulnerable situations, ethics and reliability.

That is why working alongside a nonprofit association that rehabilitates children and youth with neurodevelopmental and autism spectrum disorders continues to give us the opportunity to be part of a little change, particularly in the areas where our company operates.

The Solidarity Fund, developed by the Piatti Foundation and further supported by Mitsubishi Electric, aims to promote early rehabilitation actions where services offered under the private welfare system do not reach. Those who can benefit are in fact families with severe economic and clinical fragility, with difficulties in social integration and with the presence of multiple children with disabilities.

The Fund is financed by donations from companies, foundations and private individuals and enables the launching of therapeutic rehabilitative paths for minors, as well as mentoring/guidance paths for their families under subsidized (but totally free) private welfare regime.

This project, which began in a pilot phase at the end of 2021, and which complements the several already in progress by the Foundation, has so far reached more than 120 families with a total of 130 children taken into care, 150 clinical pathways started, and has enabled the provision of services amounting to 154,987 euros.

In fact, studies conducted on the initiative have shown that there is a strong correlation between the clinical severity dimension of the child and the socio-cultural economic dimension of the family, where these two factors are confirmed to be among the main drivers of families' entry into the Solidarity Fund. By supporting this project, Mitsubishi Electric wants to stay alongside families, to ensure effective guidance in the health and welfare system, as well as to promote through the Foundation a network of concrete support for patients.