A new way of learning that is designed for the future

We collaborate with UXfor to provide children with a "toolbox" for collaborative and empathic learning.

Mitsubishi Electric is collaborating with UXfor to bring to the primary school of IC A. Manzoni of Rosate (MI) the UXforKids project. This context will enable students to learn a different approach to studying, providing them with a "toolbox" for collaborative and empathetic learning.

What will the professions of tomorrow be? In many cases, we still don't know: according to the World Economic Forum, two out of three primary school children will have jobs that have not yet been invented.

However, at Mitsubishi Electric we are keen to ensure that all students have the tools to face the future and the world of work to the best of their ability. This is why we decided to collaborate with the innovative social start-up UXfor to bring UXforKids to the primary school of the Istituto Comprensivo Alessandro Manzoni in Rosate (MI). This innovative project, through a methodology based on UX Design and Information Architecture, will enable schoolchildren to learn a different approach to studying, providing them with a 'toolbox' for learning in a collaborative and empathetic way.

Over the course of two months, boys and girls in class 3B will be involved in workshops where, with the support of UXfor experts, they will have the opportunity to design a sustainability-themed app starting from their everyday needs: from separate waste collection to more sustainable travel routes to school.

The project, designed by the start-up, aims to raise awareness about inclusion topics among children, drawing on UX Design methodologies, which makes a digital product easy to use for everyone. The aim is to bring out the hidden talents of all students and introduce them to the professions of the future.