Design Marathon by Mitsubishi Electric and NABA: 48 hours of creativity to reward young talent

The first edition of D-Marathon, the initiative developed by our HAVAC Division in partnership with NABA (the New Academy of Fine Arts), to promote design and creativity was held in Milan on 14, 15 and 16 June at NABA premises.

Progetto vincitore

The 80 students were split into teams which, over the course of 48 hours, each developed one of four different projects:

  1. Design of a large exhibition booth;
  2. Customize'em, graphic customization of indoor air conditioner units;
  3. Unexpected Communications, development of a multi-channel communication campaign;
  4. The Implicit Intelligence of Things, design of IoT ecosystems for household comfort.

The first prize, worth 4,000 euros, went to the team that developed the 'A True Environment' project: a special accessory kit that integrates the air conditioner with the surface of the wall it is installed on, through its curved profile that helps it blend in with the architecture of the room.

The 'The Air Benders', 'Indoor Comfort For All' and 'Atmosphere' projects respectively took second, third and fourth place in the marathon, earning the design teams a 'Special Mention' award and prize money of one thousand euros each.

For Mitsubishi Electric the initiative was an opportunity to discover a new vision of comfort, to come into contact with cutting-edge ideas that can truly improve people's lives and make them more sustainable.