Mitsubishi Electric took part in the 8th edition of Deploy Your Talents

Our company has supported the students of Plant Maintenance and Dental Technicians addresses of IIS Cremona, in Pavia, on a journey to discover the value of technical and scientific subjects training

On April 23rd ended the new edition of the program promoted by Fondazione Sodalitas, that has seen our participation with the aim of relaunching the STEM disciplines studies and help students cultivate their talent

Mitsubishi Electric took part in the 8th edition of Deploy Your Talents

Project: Sodalitas

Bringing young people closer to technical-scientific subjects, helping them developing a solid STEM education that can make the difference in their professional growth: these are some of the topics about which Mitsubishi Electric has collaborated with students of two third grade classes of IIS Cremona in Pavia, ad part of the Fondazione Sodalitas 'Deploy your talents' project.

A path that has led Mitsubishi Electric colleagues to work in e-learning mode in order to help students develop and acquire useful skills for their professional career and to integrate knowledge and practical application, discovering new professions and helping them gain useful expertise for their future.

The project 'Deploy your talents' aims to develop skills in fields that are key to the development of Italy's competitiveness, especially in areas related to technology, training more young people who can help economic growth and generate a culture of change. Emphasizing the importance of scientific studies is now essential for a resilient society, focused on constant innovation.

In fact, 'Deploy your talents' is interested in increasing the collaboration between businesses and schools, creating more awareness about employment prospects, while also working to eliminate stereotypes related to these subjects and encourage more women to pursue STEM education and careers.

As also revealed by the survey set to boys and girls involved in the project, 51% of respondents are pretty convinced that it’s easier for a woman to pursue a career in the humanities/arts as compared to a man. A comparison of female and male responses shows that males are even less convinced that women are better suited for STEM subjects, but are less skeptical about whether women can pursue a career in science more easily than a man.

This year the general topics of the project were joined by the theme of sustainability, in accordance with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development of the United Nations. Students were asked to present a video performance, song, recitation or presentation, of what they had experienced in the project, answering the question: "Based on your experience in the project 'Deploy your talents', what would you do in the next 10 years to implement the 2030 Agenda and which SDGs would you work on?

During the final event of the project held within the STEMintheCity event in Milan, a jury of experts voted and awarded the best