Robotics and training at ITS MAKER (RN)

A robot training day was held at the TAILOR laboratory - set up by the Industrial Engineering Department of the University of Bologna and the Siropack company - in which the students of the ITS Maker in Rimini were able to experience the functionality of Mitsubishi Electric technologies

The collaboration between Mitsubishi Electric and the Italian ITS (higher technical institute) continues to bring practical teaching activities to the laboratory in order to facilitate the acquisition of skills aimed at the industrial world and the dissemination of the culture of Automation

Robotics and training at ITS MAKER (RN)

For Mitsubishi Electric, technical-practical training and active experience are essential elements to facilitate the acquisition of skills in young people aimed at their insertion in the industrial world and to fill the need for specialized profiles, necessary for companies to promote in progress innovation processes.

For this reason, the Factory Automation Division of the company has been collaborating for quite a while with the Italian ITS which recently saw it engaged in carrying out a day dedicated to training on robots. The initiative is part of TAILOR, a highly innovative laboratory resulting from the multi-year collaboration between UNIBO (Bologna University) and the company Siropack Italia, which has dedicated a space of 300 square meters to the University department in its Cesenatico plant.

This is where Mitsubishi Electric has a robotic area with its Scara, Anthropomorphic, PLC, MES, Motion and Invert robots equipped with simulation software thanks to which the ITS Maker students were able to combine theoretical skills with practice, experimenting in an interactive and involving way business processes and concrete problems, thus simulating real working methods.