STEM disciplines: a challenge for the future of young people

Raising awareness of the importance of technical-scientific subjects, showing the employment prospects they offer and encouraging interaction with the business sector are among the objectives of this year's collaboration with Sodalitas and the third-year high school students of the ITCS Primo Levi in Bollate (MI).

Mitsubishi Electric participates in the 9th edition of 'Deploy your talents', the Fondazione Sodalitas project created to promote access to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) education fields as key factors for the development of an inclusive society with no gender stereotypes.

STEM disciplines: a challenge for the future of young people

For the fifth year running, we have joined the Fondazione Sodalitas 'Deploy your Talents' project, since we strongly believe in the importance of promoting the diffusion of technical-scientific subjects as an opportunity for the future professional development of younger generations, with no discrimination between genders. 

In the 2022 edition of this initiative, managers from various sectors, including Mitsubishi Electric, will support 350 girls and boys aged between 16 and 19 through meetings, talks and specific projects, with the aim of helping them discover the possibilities offered by these studies, integrating knowledge and practical application through increasingly close cooperation between schools and businesses. The aim is also to break down the stereotypes that keep girls away from STEM subjects by creating the conditions to bring young women closer to these disciplines.

The Deploy your Talents programme will run from January to May 2022, involving students in a series of classroom and/or online meetings and company visits at the partners' headquarters. During this time, they will be able to identify, together with the support of teachers and company managers, the skills required in a work environment and receive all the information necessary to help them make their own educational and professional choices.

The 9th edition of the project will end in May with an event in which the students will introduce their project-works.