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Mitsubishi Electric uses illumination for simplifying orientation within buildings

Mitsubishi Electric uses illumination for simplifying orientation within buildings

The aim of Mitsubishi Electric is that of using its technology to contribute towards society and to improve the quality of life throughout the world.

It is from this viewpoint that, during the last annual event being the R&D Open House held at the Tokyo International Forum, Japan, that our company presented an innovative orientation system for within buildings which make use of light projections for providing indications and detailed information on the status of lifts, the position of toilets and of other services in the building to visitors. Furthermore, they include specific indications for users in wheel chairs to help them move around the building in an extremely effortless and efficient manner. For example, a wheel chair users indicator advising people waiting outside the lift to make way to allow them to exit unhindered.

The system provides very practical information in the form of large and easily understood illuminated instructions, projected onto floors and walls. The external doors of each lift display information on the current floor position and on intense levels of traffic.

The aim is to ease foot traffic in large buildings and, particularly if these are multifunctional tower blocks characterised by office, shop and residential layouts which might cause disorientation. Furthermore, it is thought that this system would be used in spaces dedicated to international events which require a universal design to host foreigners, elderly people and users of wheel chairs. To that end, we coordinate the standardising of illuminated systems with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.