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Robotics Tales, a project on the world of robotics

Mitsubishi Electric makes four bi-monthy online volume available to users to share knowledge on the world of robotics and its many applications

Robotics Tales, a project on the world of robotics

Robotics is among the most interesting innovative technologies of recent years, having become an interdisciplinary science and found applications in different fields: industry, health, aerospace and also our daily lives.

In this context, Mitsubishi Electric has launched 'Robotics Tales', an editorial project that provides users with a set of four online bi-monthly volumes with the aim of sharing knowledge on the world of robotics. Robotic Tales will offer stimulating input on the latest application technologies, success stories of partners and customers and a complete view of Mitsubishi Electric's product news. The goal is to transform the project into a format that touches on all aspects of the world of automation thanks to the know-how and knowledge that have always been part of the corporate culture of Mitsubishi Electric.

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