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The fastest elevator in the world

Shangai Tower Skyline

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation announces the development of new technologies for the world’s fastest elevator at 1,230 metres per minute, or 20.5 metres per second.

These innovations will be installed in the Shanghai Tower, China’s tallest building, which is approximately 632 metres tall, has 128 floors and 380,000 sqm of surface area and is capable of receiving up to 16,000 people a day.

How was the speed record obtained? Well, thanks to the design of a new equipment and a control panel that optimizes traction performance and monitors and improves safety devices such as the speed regulator, braking device and shock absorber.

The traction cable is managed by a new system designed by Mitsubishi Electric, which is much more robust than traditional systems, while special safety devices provide reliable braking at ultra-high speeds and for long rides, under normal operating conditions as well as in emergency situations.

The result is a system that can safely take an elevator from the second floor underground to the top of the building on the 119th floor in just 53 seconds, and a product that easily deserves to be rated among the top futuristic systems and solutions equipped with advanced technologies that are designed to improve society and lifestyle and are developed by our company thanks to our considerable investment in research and development.