Community support

TOG Foundation

Mitsubishi Electric has been supporting the T.O.G. Foundation since 2013, with the hope of offering more children access to the Foundation's services.

Fondazione Tog

In the Western world, 3 children out of 1000 are born with brain malformations, which cause serious disorders in movement and learning and since 2012, the Together To Go Foundation offers in its center in Milan complete and free rehabilitation programs to more than 100 children affected by lesions of the Nervous System, with the aim of stimulating the development of their personality and enhance their skills despite the complexity of the disease.

These children have motor, cognitive, behavioral and communication deficits. After diagnosis, they need rehabilitation, which is often the only effective treatment, but there are many still on the waiting list.

For this reason, Mitsubishi Electric has been supporting the T.O.G. Foundation since 2014, with the hope of allowing other children to access the Foundation's services and guaranteeing the little ones already there the chance to continue their journey.

Love, professionalism and togetherness are the best ingredients to allow these children to express all their potential and, despite the difficulties, to take off.