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Mitsubishi Electric and AIRC Foundation: united againts cancer

The company renews its support for the AIRC Foundation by becoming a partner in the Azalea Research Campaign to raise funds for new methods of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of female cancers.

Project: AIRC

Breast cancer is the most common neoplasm among females of all age groups in Italy. However, in recent decades, there has been a marked improvement in diagnosis and treatment, and today, 2 out of 3 women in Italy are alive five years after a cancer diagnosis. 

This is also possible thanks to organisations like the AIRC Foundation, committed to supporting research to find new methods of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancers affecting women. 

As part of our commitment to fostering community well-being, after supporting a three-year scholarship, we at Mitsubishi Electric have renewed our support for the AIRC Foundation, becoming a partner in the Azalea Research Campaign

For forty years, the AIRC Foundation's Azalea of Research, the symbolic flower of Mother's Day, has been an ally in the research of cancers affecting women. With a total collection of approximately 300 million euros over the 40 years of activity, the AIRC Foundation’s Azalea has contributed to improving the quality of life and survival of women through increasingly early diagnoses, less invasive surgical approaches, and more precise and targeted therapies, which are more effective and better tolerated.

Our collaboration with AIRC will continue throughout the year, involving and informing our corporate community through webinars, monthly in-depth columns, and meetings. These projects aim to spread the culture of well-being and prevention among our employees, with the goal of raising their awareness of these issues. 

Supporting these themes is an absolute priority for us, in line with our motto "Changes for the better". We firmly believe that through small changes we can help create a healthier work environment and a more aware society attentive to everyone's well-being.