A bracelet to save the oceans

They are made of materials deriving from the recycling of waste fished out by 4Ocean, a B-Corp company that deals with the cleaning of seas, rivers, and coasts around the world, and contribute to the cause for the reduction of plastic in the oceans

Maintaining a sustainable approach is the goal of Mitsubishi Electric which, with each bracelet of 4Ocean, contributes to the collection of half a kilo of waste in the oceans

A bracelet to save the oceans

The goal of Mitsubishi Electric Group is to contribute to the creation of a harmonious and dynamic society, through continuous innovation. The claim that accompanies us - 'Changes for the better' - best expresses our inclination for continuous research and change.

We believe that the small choices we make every day collectively have the power to change the world and for this reason, in our new Mirai building, we have decided to adopt a sustainable approach through numerous initiatives aimed at promoting and fostering awareness about the sustainable development goals (SDGs), integrating these concepts into our daily life.

Support for 4Ocean was born with the aim of supporting a real global emergency. Each single bracelet, made up of a thread and pearls from fished-out materials, is accompanied by the promise to collect half a kilo of waste from the ocean, rivers and coasts.

By giving our guests, during the inauguration of our new headquarters, a 4Ocean bracelet, we have contributed to the protection of the seas and the species that inhabit it, strengthening and making more tangible our commitment to creating a better future for all.

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