Let's free our territories from plastic!

Mitsubishi Electric renews its commitment to environmental sustainability by organizing an initiative in Vimercate (MB), in partnership with Plastic Free

A working Sunday dedicated to cleaning up fields and streets of 750 kg of plastic and abandoned garbage

Project: Plastic Free

A working Sunday, but not behind the desks of their offices, is what the 22 Mitsubishi Electric employees and their family members spent last Oct. 22 in Vimercate.

Armed with good will and a lot of determination, the colleagues, together with more than 40 citizens who took part, collected as much as 750 kilograms of plastic and garbage, cleaning up a specific area located in the Vimercate municipality.

A clean-up operation organized in collaboration with Plastic Free, a non-profit organization created with the aim of informing and raising awareness of as many people as possible about the dangers of plastic pollution, and sponsored by the Municipality of Vimercate, which gives follow-up and concreteness to Mitsubishi Electric's attention to environmental protection, with tangible interventions implemented in the territories where it operates.

Last Sunday's event represents the beginning of a long-term project that aims to contribute to raising people's awareness of the ecosystem in which they live by teaching them how to protect and preserve it. The project is part of Mitsubishi Electric's global Environmental Sustainability Vision 2050 program, which places this issue as a corporate priority.

"As a company, we are strongly committed to promoting sustainable behavior and environmental conservation," said Mario Poltronieri, President of the Italian Branch of Mitsubishi Electric Europe. "The collaboration with Plastic Free allows us to support an important cause and actively involve our employees in concrete action to protect the places we live in, laying the foundation for a cleaner, healthier and more livable future."

For more information about the Institution, please visit their website.