Plastic Free

2,477,471 kilograms of plastic and waste removed from the environment, 3,061 clean up appointments realized, 78 sea turtles rescued and 533 accompanied to birth, 93,796 students educated, 1,029 schools reached, 49 plastic free municipalities, 340 memoranda of understanding.

These are not random numbers, but the results of the activities of Plastic Free a voluntary association established on July 29, 2019 with the goal of informing and raising awareness among as many people as possible about the dangers of plastic pollution.

The activities carried out by Plastic Free to concretely protect the environment are numerous: from appointments all over Italy to clean up beaches and cities to plogging days, ecological walks to collect waste in designated routes, to educational activities in schools to raise students' awareness and transform educational institutions into plastic-free environments, as well as safeguarding sea turtles and working with municipalities to sign protocols on local projects.

Similarly to Plastic Free, we at Mitsubishi Electric have a desire to get the world free of plastic pollution. At our Vimercate headquarters, we have eliminated the use of plastic in the office by implementing programs to raise awareness among all employees so that its use is also minimized in daily life.

Therefore, we decided to support the Association in its activities with plastic collection projects in the area involving employees.