Vision 2050

"Protecting the air, land, and water with our hearts and technologies to create a better future for everyone," is the purpose of Mitsubishi Electric's 'Vision 2050' environmental sustainability program in which the company aims to address long-term environmental problems by creating new values for a sustainable future in the run-up to 2050.

Vision 2050

In order to solve the various issues that create environmental problems, the Mitsubishi Electric Group will need to unite the desires of each individual and strive to create new values for a sustainable future.

There are three guidelines of environmental action that Mitsubishi Electric will be inspired by:

  1. Applying technologies of different types across the wide range of business sectors to solve environmental problems
  2. Challenge of business innovations for future generations
  3. Disseminating and sharing new values and lifestyles

Mitsubishi Electric's Vision 2050 will involve implementing initiatives to define a low-carbon, recycling-based society that functions in harmony with nature, operating as a responsible member of society with an ecology-oriented mindset.