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L’abilità Associazione Onlus

L’abilità Associazione Onlus

L’abilità Associazione Onlus develops and manages projects and innovative services for children with disabilities and their families in the play, education, school, housing areas, accessibility and inclusion areas for people with disabilities, either directly or in partnership with public bodies and foundations. Founded in 1998, the association for disabled people is part of the City Council. It has been a member of LEDHA Milano, the Milan City coordinator for the rights of those with disabilities, since 2010. It has been part of the CRC Group (Convention on the Rights of Children and Adolescents Working Group) since 2007 and received the Milan City civic merit award in 2003.

The new Spazio Gioco (Play Area) is a place where children with disabilities learn to play and experience their own abilities, socialise and have fun in a protected space.

Parents can wait in a room designed by Milan New Academy of Fine Arts (NABA) students. L'abilità has been partnering with NABA since 2016. This room is inspired by the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland, where everything is possible with imagination. The colours used are those of the forest and nature, and the furnishings are designed so that parents can relax while waiting for their child.

The Italian branch of Mitsubishi Electric started working with this important association in 2018, thanks to the recommendation of an employee.