Community support

Community support

Foto partita calcio

Sport bringing people together: Our mission along with the Special Olympics

Mitsubishi Electric italian branch has taken part to National Summer Special Olympic Games stops also this year with a group of actives volunteers to support special athletes, they encouraged and helped them anytime during the demonstration.

Confezione del pallone speciale per il Progetto #PlayUnified

We support unified sport together at the Special Olympics

The Italian branch of Mitsubishi Electric, already National Summer Games Special Olympics sponsor, support also the XVII Special Olympics European Football Week italian edition

Conferenza stampa di presentazione dei dei Giochi Nazionali Estivi Special Olympics 2017 – La testimonianza degli Atleti

Together with the Special Olympics, we give a voice to hope and inclusion

Mitsubishi Electric italan branch collaborates with Special Olympics Italy for  National Summer Games 2017. So many sponsored events and always more company active volunteers supported the athletes in these years.

Immagine di consegna del manichino

Let us spare a thought at the heart of our community

Saving a life is not just a matter of equipment, but also of ability. A special manikin for use during the practical cardiac arrest reanimation exercises was needed by the nurses of cardiology, cardio surgery and the coronary unit of the San Gerardo Hospital of Monza.

Mitsubishi Electric ai Giochi Invernali Special Olympics 2017

The XXVIII National Winter Special Olympic Games

The 28th edition of the national winter Special Olympic Games held at Bormio from the 5th to the 10th of February have only recently concluded. 

Mitsubishi Electric sostiene AIL Milano e Provincia

Our Christmas in support of the Italian Association against Leukaemia-Lymphoma and Myeloma of Milan

This Christmas Mitsubishi Electric has once again chosen to make a gift with added value that can give hope to those that are suffering.  

Mitsubishi Electric e

A new collaboration in support of abandoned children

Mitsubishi Electric has began this wonderful new collaboration with Ai.Bi to play its part in making sure that all children can grow up in a family feeling protected, wanted and loved. 

European Basketball Week special olympics

A special basket to beat prejudice

 Mitsubishi Electric and Special Olympics Italy are back to the field for European Basketball Week 2016, the exceptional sports event aimed at beating together both stereotyping and prejudice.


Mitsubishi Electric e fondazione Togheter to Go

A helping hand for children affected by neurological disorders

Dedicating yourself completely to your own child to offer him or her the very best that life can offer can sometimes be an uphill struggle if the child suffers from complex neurological disorders, and, unfortunately, these phenomena are more widespread than one can imagine. 

Mitsubishi Electric e Casa Famiglia San Giuseppe

A small contribution to helping the elderly

To learn how to take care of those who took care of us first. This is the goal of “La ricchezza della cura”, or “The Value of Care”, an initiative of the Fondazione Casa Famiglia San Giuseppe ONLUS [San Giuseppe Family Care Home Foundation NPO], to which Mitsubishi Electric has been pleased to offer its contribution.